Liveringa Art Gallery

Inspirational Local Art

The Liveringa Homestead is the earliest residence built at the Edenvale Heritage site, constructed in the 1860s and expanded in 1873-74, when Edward and Mary-Jane McLarty moved into the home after their marriage. Liveringa is today home to artists who showcase their artworks, hosts different exhibitions and runs an artist is residence program accommodating of a variety of disciplines.



Quick facts

  • Located within the Edenvale Heritage Precinct
  • Open 10am to 3pm Daily
  • Entrance is free

The Liveringa Art Gallery is curated and managed by the Murray District Arts and Crafts Society WA Inc, which was established in 1975. Back then their vision was to foster community engagement in arts and crafts within the Greater Peel Region of Western Australia and it remains their primary objective to this day. The public rooms are used to hang paintings and prints and also feature displays of hand crafted cards and crafts. An onsite volunteer is there to assist you. The gallery is also home to a number of classes and groups. Most groups welcome the viewing public. If a closed class is in progress, a sign will clearly indicate this and will only affect one room of the gallery.

Liveringa Gallery

1 George St


+61 8 9531 7777

"Really lovely to meet the people working here, doing art. The art community is definitely unique! And they have workshops to go to as well!"