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Go With The Flow

Canoeing and Kayaking is one of the best ways to experience the Murray River.  In late Spring and Summer, the water levels recede after winter rains and the river becomes tranquil and calm; suitable for novice paddlers.  However, if you’re experienced, Winter is the time to tackle the fast water rapids of the upper Murray. Remember always paddle with a friend for safety and the sheer enjoyment of nature at her glorious best.

Quick FActs

  • 1 Designated Trail
  • Self-Guided tours available
  • Calm water in Spring and Summer

Yarragil To Nanga Bridge

Grade 1 River Trail

The section from Yarragil Campground to Nanga Bridge is commonly referred to as the upper Murray. This section is very popular with paddlers and suitable for novices during late Spring to Summer. Whilst the full distance of the trail is 11.5km’s,  a popular end point is the Baden Powel campground for picnic facilities. Conditions on trail will vary according to the season. Caution: During the winter months, the river flows fast and levels can rise rapidly after rain, especially at Island Pool and Baden Powel Water Spout.  During winter, the trail is recommended for experienced paddlers only.


There are many places where you can launch a canoe, including the campsite areas at Island PoolYarragilStringers and the recreational area at Dwaarlindjirraap With excellent visitor facilities and great river access, Dwaarlindjirraap is one of the most popular sites in Lane Poole Reserve.  Dwaarlindjirraap has a large car park with sealed road access and excellent facilities right by the river.  There are picnic tables, gas barbecues and steps down to the water's edge for canoe launching. It is also a popular swimming spot.

Dwellingup Adventure offers logistical support is offered for each tour in getting customers to the start or collecting at the end. We supply maps and our experienced staff can offer advice on what to take, time of year and general conditions of the river or tracks. Self guided tours are a great way to enjoy the experience in your small group secure in the knowledge that someone knows where and what you are doing.


Tips for safe paddling


Equipment should be in good condition, fitted with adequate buoyancy. Ensure paddles are in good repair. Water sport helmets are recommended for moving water. In summer hats are essential to prevent heat related injury.  Equipment should be stowed securely or loose in the boat. Avoid the temptation to tie equipment in with loose ropes. They can be hazardous and cause entrapment.  Always where PPE (personnel protective equipment) A buoyancy vest is essential. Secure light weight footwear is recommended. Protective wear is essential from cold or heat.


Do not underestimate a water environment at any time of year or river height.  In the event of a capsize stay on the upstream side of the boat, look after yourself first, then others and equipment last. If swept into a rapid swim feet first on your back keeping your feet on the water surface. Do not place your feet down in moving water.  Always let some one else know your plans and expected arrival time and never canoe alone.