Murray Valley Bike Trails

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Lane Poole Reserve hosts the stunning Murray Valley Mountain Bike Trails which cater for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. The downhill trails can be accessed by the easy and moderate climbing trails or via the shuttle road off Murray Valley Road or by parking at Dwarrlindjirraap day use area and riding over the new suspension bridge to the trail head.  At the top of the trail head you can overlook the stunning Murray Valley – magic any time of the day. These trails offer a great ride, stunning scenery and a diverse range of native flora and fauna.

Quick FActs

  • 5 Easy Green Trails
  • 8 Moderate Blue Trails
  • 3 Advanced Black Trail

Green Trails

Easy Trails (Green)

Typically flowing open trails on firm terrain with gentle gradients. Surface may be uneven, loose or muddy at times. Riders may encounter small rollable obstacles and technical trail features. Recommended for beginner mountain bikers.

YEAR 1 - Length: 2.3km

This is a descending trail suitable for beginners ; it’s a good place to start your mountain bike adventure. The trail is a steeper and faster flow with wide open rollers and big berms.

YARRI UP -  Length: 2.3km

Yarri Up is cross country climbing trail connecting to  the downhill trails, providing an easy alternative to shuttling.

SNOTTY GOBBLE - Length: 900m

Snotty Gobble is a cross country trail that can be combined with the Munda Biddi Trail for a fun and easy loop that everyone can enjoy.

ROCK ON - Length: 2.1km

Rock On is cross country trail with a rocky climb that rewards riders  with rolling, flowy descent.

QUOLLITY STREET - Length: 1.4km

Quollity Street is an easy cross country trial providing an enjoyable loop option off the Munda Biddi and views up the river valley, linking to the Chuditch Campground.


Blue Trails

Moderate Trails (Blue)

Typically narrow trail with loose, soft, rocky or slippery sections and hills with short steep sections. Riders will encounter obstacles and technical trail features. Recommended for intermediate riders with some technical mountain biking experience.

BOOM BOOM - Length: 1.4km

 A descending flow trail for experienced riders which has large table tops, step downs and step ups, rollers and berms.

TOMBSTONE  - Length: 1.3km

A hand built all mountain trail that winds its way own the ridge to the downhill trails.

blue marron - Length: 3km

Blue Marron is a long cross country trail. A short climb rewards you with a fast, technical descent through ancient granite boulders with sweeping views over the valley. This blue trail has optional black features with alternate lines.

FAULT LINE - Length: 2.4km

A climbing trail that will test your legs as you tackle the tight climbing switchbacks.

INZAMIA -Length: 2.3km

An all mountain descent, Inzamia is a long, leg burning pump trail. This trail will have you grinning from start to finish.

BUSTED NUTS  - Length:  1.6km

Busted Nuts is an all mountain  descent. This fast, feature packed trail will have you on your toes with big jumps and berms.

CAPTAIN HOOK - Length: 1.1km

Captain Hook is a cross country climb with tight and steep climbing switchbacks which are sure to get your heart pumping!

QUOKKAMOLY - Length: 1.3km

Quokkamoly is a descending cross country trail. It has technical rocky features and fast berms which lead onto a short dual slalom track to race your mates. Test your XCO skills by linking with Captain Hook to create an XCO race loop.

Black Trails

Difficult Trails (Black)

Trails with variable surfaces and/or steep gradients. Riders will encounter large obstacles and technical trail features. Recommended for experienced riders with good technical skill levels.

BAM BAM - Length: 1.3km

A black descending flow trail. This trail is not for the faint hearted, with challenging double whale back jumps and rollers, steep step downs and rock gardens.


When it's time to re-charge

Getting Here: Enter Lane Poole Reserve through the main entry station or Nanga, follow signage to Bobs Crossing and then onto the Murray Valley MTB trail network or use the new Dwaarlindjirraap Suspension Bridge to ride over to the trail head.

Safety First: Consider your skill level and experience before choosing a trail.

Facilities: Car parking and trail head and trail end, unisex toilets at the bottom of the trails. Phone reception is very limited at the bottom of the trail head, reception at the top of the trail head is good, but not excellent.



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