Taj Indian Restaurant

Authentic and Generous

If you're seeking to add some spice to your Pinjarra experience, the Taj Indian Restaurant is your go-to. This charming local restaurant is the perfect place indulge in an array of authentic Indian dishes. From comforting curries like Lamb Korma and Prawn Korma to delectable Paneer Masala and many more, each dish is a vibrant blend of special herbs and spices. Whether you're dining out with friends or having a feast delivered to your door, their diverse menu has something for everyone.


Quick facts

  • Open daily, 4pm - 9pm
  • Enjoy dining in restaurant, or from home with take-away and delivery options.
  • Vegetarian friendly options

Taj Indian Restaurant offer generous servings of both vegetarian and meat options, all prepared with a rich selection of freshly ground Indian spices. Indulge in the distinctive flavours and warmth of Indian cuisine right here in Pinjarra.

Taj Indian Restaurant

55 McLarty Road

Pinjarra WA 6208

08 9590 5308

"We love The Taj. We have dined in and also had takeaway. Food is excellent every time we have been. Authentic Indian food."